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Unmanaged and/or poorly managed conflict in the workplace contributes to high turnover, poor performance, low morale, destructive and costly litigation, and reduced profitability, to name a few. A plan for effectively managing conflict is a vital component to an organization's strategy for success. 

Managing Workplace Conflict - Employment Workplace Mediation


Are you interested in improving employer-employee relations and creating a more productive and harmonious work environment?

If so, we can help with the following:

Employee Opinion Surveys

Facilitating Focus Group Meetings

Improving Team Performance

Mediation Services

Resolving Workplace Conflict


What is your organization’s work environment like? Is it a feel-good environment or a feel-bad environment?

Feel-good work environments are motivating. People feel encouraged and supported by their supervisors and coworkers, which typically means higher productivity along with many other positive outcomes.

Feel-bad environments are stressful and draining. People feel discouraged and lack motivation. 


Better Conflict Solutions can help you prevent, manage, and resolve conflict within your organization with the following services:

Mediation Services 

Developing Customized Conflict Resolution Systems 

Conflict Resolution Coaching 

Mediation and Communication Skills Training

Conflict Management/Resolution Skills Training